Tracted and Tressed...?

Some people are nonplussed by the word nonplussed and wonder if its opposite is plussed. I’ll semble and pute this notion as there is great cause for sension here. I mean, how many kempt people have you seen lately (this is after they’ve hevelled themselves, of course)?

And what about that chalant fellow who is very tinguished at all times? I don’t know about you, but pirited folk always make me feel both gruntled and traught; I’m quite committal about this.

This, of course, gives rise to the question, if a distich is a couplet in verse, is a stich a singlet? And is a descript person easily classified and pareil? How often do you hear parents exclaim: “Good heavens! Look at all those ruly children! They’re behaving speakably well!”

How many sung heroes do you know? Those with swerving loyalty, I mean; the witting ones. I hope they holster their furniture and laugh roariously while they’re doing it – an definite indication of pishness, I would think.

Enough! This column has no doubt been quite tinct and definitely lacking sensicality to a great number of readers; my apologies. I promise I’ll try to make the next one more fusing so as to encourage turbance of mind. I hope you find it more toward and more of a heaval to your usual way of thinking…

by Kate Nacard
Mensa International Journal - IJ Extra Supplement
June, 2008 Issue Number 515

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