The Power of Your Thoughts

As Kate describes it, “My book is all about gaining control of our thoughts and thus control of our emotions and our lives. Once in control of our own lives, we need to become aware of the needs of others and find ways to reach out and help.”, thus evolving spiritually and moving from complacency to compassion. And she assumes that many of us Mensans are like her, so involved in their own little world and forgetting to look outward. Topics covered include defining inner power, assuming responsibility, living in the past, creating your future, healing powers, being caretakers of Planet Earth, and the true nature of the universe. Sure, I know you’ve heard much of this before, but Katherine delivers it in an easy-to-read, easy-to-grasp way.

THE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS by Katherine Gates (A Mensan)
(2006, 127 pp., pb.; publ. AuthorHouse, Bloomington IN 47403, ISBN 1-4033-1089-0).

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