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Mensa in Mexico started in the year 2000 under the leadership of Marcos da Silva. Marcos sought out groups of isolated Mexicans who had qualified for Mensa and started the Yahoo Group Mensa Mexico and Amigos de Mensa en Mexico, or Friends of Mensa in Mexico.

It is generally agreed that da Silva was Mensa of Mexico’s first unofficial leader. Other captains of Mensa of Mexico during this embryonic time were Alejandro Ripstien and Arturo Ganem.

In June, 2004 Cesar Ordax, a computer programmer from Mexico City, was designated by Ed Vincent of Mensa International as Mensa of Mexico’s first official coordinator. Cesar’s task was to lead and expand a tiny group of eight original Mensans. Mensa grew slowly, and by the time Cesar retired from his position there were 25 members. The Friends of Mensa in Mexico forum grew rapidly, however. Today that forum, known now as Aspirants to Mensa in Mexico, has almost 1,700 members. The official Mensa forum has only about 130 souls. The reason for this is basically twofold: Mensa of Mexico does not yet offer the tangible benefits that other Mensas have; there are no scholarship incentives or discounts in bookstores. There is another reason that is unknown to almost all but the Mexicans themselves. Mensa is an adjective that means “stupid girl” in Mexican Spanish. These days, the Society is better known and the latest play on words with Mensa now is El Mensajero, meaning “The Messenger”, and is the name of the new on line magazine of Mensa of Mexico.

Antonio Rada ran unopposed in February of 2007 and became the second coordinator of the foundling group. Mensa had representatives in more than half of the 31 states and the Federal District. The group increased in size from 25 to 100 members under his tutelage.

In September of 2007, I, the state representative from Jalisco, retired and nominated Cinthia Reyes as the new representative. Cinthia held that position for four months and, with my and other Mensans’ encouragement, ran against Antonio for leader and was elected. Her committee of six members and their proposal for growth was approved by an overwhelming 97.3%.

Cinthia Astrid Reyes was born in Guadalajara on June 7, 1982 and holds a Master’s degree in chemical engineering. She is the head announcer at radio station Signus X1138, a photographer and an astronomer “wanna-be”. Thanks to Cinthia and the working team that the Group from Guadalajara is forming, Mensa of Mexico is on the march.

Cinthia has attended to her duties without delay, bringing Mensans closer with gettogethers and announcing reunions and tests in Guadalajara and other parts of the Mexican Republic. She started two SIGs, a first in Mensa of Mexico, and has outlined plans for the future of Mensa of Mexico.

Mundo Zeta, or Z-World, is a Mensa Internet radio program and SIG where Cinthia is the announcer/disc jockey. In its incipient stages, the program has delved into topics such as the environment and the meaning of dreams.

Ideas de Café, a SIG that is a think tank, started with the intent to help small and medium sized businesses in all of Mexico grow by uniting members of Mensa with small business owners, helping them define their goals and giving advice on to how to follow through with new plans.

Other members of Cinthia’s team include Leopoldo Varela, an electronics and communications engineer and the leader of the SIG Ideas de Café. Leopoldo, the original webmaster for Mensa Mexico, is secretary of automation. The webmaster, Angelica Partida, is currently studying in Madrid and is also a member of the Group from Guadalajara.

Laura Mendoza, a recent recipient of a master’s degree in biotechnology, has a passion for overseas travel and is an award-winning fiction writer and poet. She is a small business owner with her husband. Laura has the main supervisory role in the SIGs and is in charge of public relations.

The final three members of Cinthia’s Group from Guadalajara are Gibran Rubio, back home from Germany after having spent a semester in medical school in Hamburg. Gibran is in charge of membership and recruitment and is promoting a SIG for the formation of bicycle lanes in Guadalajara. He is working with civic organizations to make this a reality. Next in the chain of command is Sara Cedillo, Mensa of Mexico’s able treasurer. Sara, always with a smile on her face, has ample experience in business and marketing and is an aficionado of technology of all sorts. Finally, the sevenperson Group from Guadalajara would not be complete without self-described musician, poet and madman Horacio Lopez. He is Mensa of Mexico’s legal advisor. Since February, Horacio has been promoting a SIG called El Club de la Palabra, or, loosely, The Speakers’ Group. Its objective is to prepare Mensans and Aspirants to speak and express themselves well in public.

The Constitution of Mensa of Mexico was recently approved unanimously. It is a good bet that Cinthia and company will soon bring Mensa of Mexico into the category of an Emerging National Mensa and eventually a Full National Mensa. Cinthia is the first woman to lead Mensa of Mexico and, from what we have seen so far, surely this will bode well for us.

Good luck Cinthia, to you and your Group from Guadalaj!

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by Thomas Hally

Source : Mensa International Journal, june, 2008 issue number 515

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