Which part of your brain works?

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Below is an interesting article to test which part of your brain works. I tried it and she spin clock wise, sometime counter clock wise. Does this mean I use my right and left brain in balance. If I focus it, sometime I can control the way she spins. Does this mean I have a strong brain (eh this is just my speculation. ...;). It's
recommended you try this together with your spouse to see if you both will see thing differently. It's a bit spooky though!


http://science- community. sciam.com/ blog-entry/ Editors-Blog/ Left-Brain-Right-Brain-Naked/300001077

She first appeared on September 26 in the Perth Now news then on October 9 in the Herald Sun.

This woman can make you ignore phone calls, small fires, texts from a lover, chocolate, the cold. And she won't let you go until you realize you just wasted 20 minutes trying to change her spin direction, with your brain.

HERE'S THE DEAL, according to the Australian newspapers:

If you're right brain leaning, you'll see her spin clockwise.
If you're left brain leaning, you'll see her spin counterclockwise.

According to broad generalizations, people who tend to use more of their right brain are said to be artsy and intuitive, while left brained folks are controlled and logical.

But really, is the lateralization of brain functions really clear cut? I mean really? Don't some of these lateralized functions (like math, imagination, grammar) cross over both sides? And where does neuroplasticity fit into this division -- when the left hemisphere can pinch hit for a damaged right hemisphere, things get blurry.... don' t they?

And what does a nude spinning silhouette got to do with it?

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