Summary Agenda for Meeting of the IBD of Mensa International in Hong Kong, 21 - 23 September 2007

Agenda for the thirty-first meeting of the International Board of Directors (IBD) of Mensa International Limited, to be held at the Royal Park Hotel, Hong Kong, China, commencing at 9.00 a.m. on Friday 21 September 2007.
A. Attendees and Proxies :

Officers, Executive Director, Administration Manager, Honorary President, ExComm invitees, and all official delegates.


B. Agenda Approval


C. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

(Orlando, Florida, USA) Approved by electronic Ballot.


D. Report on Actions Taken by Electronic Ballot


E. Reports

1. Officers (Chairman, Directors, and Treasurer)

2. Full National Mensa (28 Countries)

3. Provisional National Mensas (5 Countries)

4. Emerging Mensas (7 Countries)

5. Sub-Committees (7 Committees)

6. Appointees (Coordinators, Archivist, Const. Review Officer, Editor, Ombudsman, Supervisory Psychologist, and Webmaster)

7. Executive Director

8. Honorary President

9. Action Points from 2006 IBD Meeting


F. Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda is comprised of motions that do not seem to be controversial and would likely be approved unanimously. And one IBD member may request that a Consent Agenda item be removed and placed on the regular agenda where it will be discussed and voted on separately.


G. Items Removed From Consent Agenda


H. Old Business


I. New Business


J. Good and Welfare (Matters Arising)


K. Position of 2008 Meeting

Bids may be presented by Italy, Switzerland, and Macedonia.


L. Position of 2009 Meeting


M. Adjourment

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