Mensa IBD 2007 in Hongkong : Location

Hong Kong, 20-23 September 2007. The Annual International Board of Directors (IBD) Meeting for The First Time. We Welcome Mensa Members From All Over The World to Join the Party.

The 2007 IBD Meeting will be held in Sha Tin, a new town about 12 km to the north of the city centre. It stands at the edge of Hong Kong's rural New Territories, yet is only 15 minutes' ride from Tsim Sha Tsui, in the heart of the city, on a fast and frequent train service. In the opposite direction, the train runs to Lo Wu, where you can walk across the Mainland China border to Shenzhen.

Hong Kong International Airport is about 45 minutes' journey to and from Sha Tin by direct airport bus service.

Sha Tin is home to Hong Kong's second racecourse and will stage the equestrian events of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. It also has a number of interesting cultural attractions including the acclaimed Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the Che Kung Miu temple and Tsang Tai Uk walled village. Sha Tin New Town Plaza, built around the railway station, is one of Hong Kong's largest shopping and leisure malls offering an astonishing two million square feet of floor space.

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