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The Mensa Education & Research Foundation offers an International Scholarship for members of Mensa (except American Mensa) or their children age 25 or younger. This scholarship is for foreign students enrolled at colleges or universities in the United States. The US$1000 scholarship is awarded on the basis of an essay contest in which applicants explain their educational and career goals. For the last two years, the program has suffered from a low number of applicants, and we have not been able to award the scholarship. We want to encourage all students who will be attending college in the United States to apply for this scholarship. We need to stress that the applicant must be a member of a Mensa group other than American Mensa. If the applicant is living in the United States and wishes to transfer his membership to American Mensa he will be ineligible for the International Scholarship. More information, and applications for the scholarship, are available at .
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